Hey there!

We're Jimmy + Shona and we're iZO Photography.
We've been married since 2006, and our first baby - this studio - has been going since 2009. We welcomed a real baby girl, Sienna, into our family in 2015 and we've been a family of 3 ever since. We love her more than anything else and she means the world to us, but I haven't had the heart yet to tell her this studio was our first baby. Maybe one day.
We both love to travel, and we'd do it every day of the year if we could. But weddings come in a close second, and that's why we're here photographing them. If we could combine both, it would be the ultimate dream for us.
Thanks for dropping by to check us out, we appreciate it! We hope our work resonates with you, and we'll be more than happy to have a coffee and a chat when the time comes.
Anyway, here's a few things about us you might find interesting!


I love to hike. Whenever we travel, I'm always looking for the highest peak I can climb.

I'm crazy about Archer and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Sploosh.

I know every word to Ice Ice Baby.

I love to party. At weddings, if I'm not taking photos, you'll find me on the d-floor, dancing up a sweat!

I have extreme resting bitch face. I'm not actually angry. Really.


I love markets. While Jimmy is finding the highest peak to climb, I'm looking for the biggest market to visit.

I hate onions with a passion.

I had a nightmare Jimmy's photography skills would one day surpass mine. The nightmare came true.

Sienna is my mini-me. She copies everything I say, but a thousand times cuter.

I'm a foodie. When I travel, I plan my trips around the best places to eat.

Perth Location

Here in Perth, we are fortunate to have such amazing natural surroundings right on our doorstep. We have truly unique venues and spots that make the perfect alternative backdrop to any wedding celebration. Our weather doesn’t hurt, either.

Some of our favourite venues for wedding photography in Perth include Moore & Moore in Fremantle, and the southwest. However just about any venue that is picturesque and that holds special meaning for you can be beautiful, including your family backyard!

Destination Weddings

Even though we are based in Perth, we also do destination weddings. We are more than happy to photograph couples anywhere in the world.

We have shot weddings in New Zealand, Greece, Mauritius, Malaysia and the UK, as well as the Eastern states of Australia; just to name a few. Closer to home, we have photographed weddings in York and in the Southwest of WA

Pre-Wedding Shoots

We also conceptualise and style engagement portraits and pre-wedding shoots. For some couples, their pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity to celebrate their engagement and immortalise that exciting time. We love being able to help couples come up with creative, alternative ways to do that.