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Alvin + Felicity – Nedlands Yacht Club


How do you start a blog post about a couple you’ve known for more than a decade?

I’ve seen these two grow up from their early teen years when they were both single, watched their journey as they became friends and when they started going out together, and then until October last year when they got married.

It’s hard to put into words my thoughts, let alone my feelings, when people I’ve known for a long time tie the knot. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say; more like I don’t know where to start.

Alvin + Felicity have always been known to be really down-to-earth, genuine souls. There are no airs about them, no facade that they put on when they’re with different people. What you see is what you get when you meet them.
Alvin’s love of food is well-known, his favourite being steamed chicken rice. He still can out-eat anyone I know, and even when he was getting married, there was no sign of slowing down. He only copped a restriction on his food intake because Felicity wanted to make sure he could still fit his suit come the wedding day. His other love, other than his now-wife, is also his love for Arsenal FC. His passion for soccer is unmatched.

Felicity, or Flick, as we like to affectionately call her, is the one of the tiniest people I’ve ever met. When news first came out that Flick and Alvin were an item, we couldn’t help notice the huge difference in size between them. Big, burly Alvin, and small, petite, and absolutely skinny Flick. Alvin has lost a ton of weight since then, and as you can see from the pictures, they look stunning together.

On the wedding day, I finished photographing their getting ready and headed for Booyeembara Park in Fremantle for the ceremony. The location was a short trek from the nearest carpark and when I saw the final setup, it looked perfect. It had the feeling of being out in the Australian bush but still accessible by car and well-maintained.

Felicity’s entrance was prefaced by two of her nieces as flower girls, Chloe and Tahlia. Tahlia, as you’ll see later in the pics below, is at that age where she’s just cute as a button no matter what she does. I caught many shots of her just being herself, but they look so LOL funny or just plain aww-worthy :)

The reception was held at Nedlands Yacht Club, and they had set up a see-through marquee right by the water’s edge. All the decor, flowers, and centerpieces were put together by mutual friends of ours, as well as Poetry & Lace Events. The piece that really stood out was a wooden branch chandelier, and they used jute string to hang lots of glass tea light holders and vintage lanterns. And of course, since Alvin loves his food so much, they had hired an oyster shucker as well.

In all, it was a pretty awesome day with great weather and great friends.

Makeup Artist – Phoebe Limanta
Hairdresser – Nicole Forde
Dress  РTuscany Bridal, Paula & Jo
Decor – Jess Tran, Hannah Lim, Colleen Bong & Team
Catering – Ryan John Private Chef
Flowers – Poetry & Lace
Cake – Yvonne Mohan

Music by Ben Howard – Old Pine

details of bride perth wedding photography perth wedding photography (2) perth wedding photography (3) bride getting ready flower girlAwww-worthy, isn’t it?

perth wedding photography (4) 0008 bride getting dressed bride putting dress on bridesmaid helping bride bridal party bride portrait bride fine art modern family jesse tyler ferguson groom putting on bowtie groom getting ready (2) groom putting on bowtie (2) 0021 groom getting ready 0022 bridal party (2) groom portrait wedding day details signs vintage wedding signage wedding ceremony (2) 0028I couldn’t not take a photo of these 5 boys. This was not set up by me at all, they just happened to be standing like that, all boyband-ish!

wedding ceremony wedding ceremony (3) wedding ceremony (4)I don’t usually caption a photo but this shot really should have one!

Right in the middle, in the distance, is Felicity’s dad for those wondering. I thought this pic added a bit of my kind of humour for that day ;)

flower girl (2)And here’s Tahlia!

0033 groom crying groom crying (2) 0036 0037 0038 brideI love this photo because it truly shows how all mums and dads would be feeling inside when they give their daughters away to their future partners.

0040 open field wedding 0042 groom wedding first kiss signing marriage certificate 0046 wedding celebration 0048 bride and groom portrait flower girlsSometimes outtakes make the best shots. Check out Tahlia’s expression!

flower girls (2) flower girls (3) bride and groom portrait (2) perth wedding photography (5) supreme court gardens wedding supreme court gardens 0057 0058 supreme court wedding 0060 0062 bridal party portrait wedding reception details wedding reception details (2) wedding reception details - cake wedding reception 0068 0069 0070 0071 see through marquee oyster shucker wedding reception (2) 0075 0076 0077 wedding speech 0079 0080 wedding speeches 0082 0083 0084 0085 wedding first dance 0087 wedding bridal waltz bouquet toss 0091 0092 sparkler exit wedding 0094 nedlands yacht club nedlands yacht club (2)

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