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Brooke + Kyle – Fremantle

She already knew she liked him. She just wasn’t sure if he felt the same.
They’d meet after church and chat frequently but nothing seemed to happen after.

Until one day, he started secretly buying her dinner.
And sending her random Facebook messages.
Then he got invited to her house to watch Sesame St. and they ended up holding hands.

And that’s when it started.

Brooke + Kyle are the cutest couple I’ve had the privilege of meeting. They’re as different as chalk and cheese.
Brooke’s the super-organised one. Kyle’s the laid back relaxed one. Brooke’s the chatty, bubbly one, Kyle’s the quiet, reserved one.

But they fit together so perfectly, it’s almost like they were made for each other.
We spent some time at their favourite hangout, Fremantle for their engagement session and it was awesome.

Check it out.

Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5104 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5172 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5316 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5350 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5358 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5376 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5363 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5388 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5656 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5640 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5556 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5497 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5522 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5483 Fremantle Wedding Photographer-_IZO5411

By the way, most of these were shot on the Nikon 45mm PC-E tilt-shift lens.
It’s an awesome little beauty.



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