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Cath + Josh | Wedding at King’s Park

So it’s been nearly 4 weeks since we got back from our huge trip to Italy and Greece, and we’ve hit the ground running.

1 day of setup for the Expo, 2 days of the Expo itself, another day to tear down, and we’ve been catching up on bookings and editing since then.

In short, it’s been a bit nuts around here.

The blog has been neglected for more than a month in the middle of all these things and I thought it’s time for an update.


Cath + Josh are some of the coolest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. And when I mean cool I mean COOL. Nothing fazes them when things go wrong and even when they tell a joke, they say it with such seriousness that you’d think they weren’t kidding. But that didn’t mean they weren’t awesome to be with at their wedding. On the contrary, we had such a great time that I think their wedding will be one I will remember for quite some time, and I’ve been to quite a few weddings.

These were some of the highlights of the day, and if you want to check out the shenanigans that went on at the photobooth, go here tooicon smile


DSC0013DSC0041DSC0047DSC0054DSC0059DSC0072DSC0081DSC0112DSC0122DSC0134DSC0136DSC0156DSC0241DSC0293DSC0324DSC0357DSC0372DSC0387DSC0392DSC0410DSC0433DSC0453DSC0504DSC0521DSC0556DSC0601DSC0619DSC0648DSC0682DSC0705DSC0725DSC0727DSC0764DSC1078DSC1129DSC1235DSC1283DSC1291DSC1363DSC1382DSC1405DSC1485DSC1497DSC1643DSC1664DSC1745DSC1775DSC1778DSC1870DSC1955DSC1965DSC2122DSC2125DSC2173DSC2183DSC2186DSC2275DSC2279DSC2281Blend Panorama1

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    Jacinta Mazurek - Beautiful Photo’s to match a beautiful day, These are amazing.ReplyCancel

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