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Clara + Judson – Lamont’s Bishops House

I’ve been waiting ages to blog this one!

Due to some issues that came up a few months ago, I had to hold back on blogging it but now I can finally let it go live!

Clara and Judson are friends we know at our church. They are an awesome couple who volunteer their time with the youth on weekends and weekday nights. Clara is also a creative who helps with the graphic design and filming for our church. In fact, the logo design and brochures you would have received from us are all designed by her as well. She’s a really talented graphic designer.

We photographed their wedding last year and it was just perfect. They had their ceremony at Perth Christian Life Centre and the reception at Lamont’s Bishops House, which was beautiful. We didn’t have to go very far from Lamont’s for some great photo locations. It did rain but only for a while and the sun came out in the evening for some great photos. The day was filled with emotion and everyone had an amazing time. Check out the slideshow if you don’t believe me :)

This is a 9 minute slideshow, soundtracked by Sigur Ros, so sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy!

Music by Sigur Ros – Festival


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