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Fuji X100

I can’t sleep.

Not entirely sure if its because of the hot nights we’re getting now that summer is well and truly underway, or because the sun rises at 430am…or maybe both.

When your body is craving rest but the mind is just unable to stop, you get into this half-conscious state that refuses to do any work and just wander around the house.

So much has been going on these past few weeks, not the least of these the Perth Bride Expo that’s happening at the end of Feb. Its 6 more weeks and there’s so much to do. But yet, in this state I’m in, getting things done is far from my mind.

And it’s in this half-conscious state that I’ve decided to review some of my personal work. And post it online. At least there’s nothing that’s NSFW that will ‘accidentally’ get shared.

I’d bought Shona a Fuji X100 for Christmas. Because she wanted it.


But I couldn’t resist taking it out on a small photowalk around Mt Lawley a few weeks ago. I’d thought of posting a review soon, but until now I haven’t done it, and with the announcement that the successor – the X Pro 1 – was due to be released, there wouldn’t be any point.

Anyway, my rambling aside, these were some shots I’ve taken and processed through Lightroom.

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