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Port Douglas Elopement – Katharine + Steven


I honestly thought I had stumbled onto a massive production of set of Hawaii-Five-O.
Palm trees lined every walkway and road, flashy cars, women in short shorts and tiny bikinis, and guys looking like they walked off the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine.
And resorts every which way I looked.

It was so surreal, after coming off an 8 hour red-eye flight from sleepy Perth to a bustling hive of holidaymakers, and the freezing cold to perfect island-like weather.
It got me pretty excited.

I stayed with Katharine + Steven for the 2 days I was with them, and it was an amazing experience. The beach house they booked was literally right by the beach, and I could hear the waves crashing on the shore from my bedroom at night. They also had their two best friends fly in for the elopement and to act as witnesses for the signing.

I was about to shoot my first proper elopement and I was definitely excited now.


Rewind back a few weeks and I received an email asking if I was free to photograph an elopement in Port Douglas. I didn’t even know where Port Douglas was at this point. With the help of trusty Google I found a few photos online and I was keen. For one thing, I loved more than anything to get away from this bitter long winter that Perth had been in. Katharine had found me through Josh’s website and although he wasn’t available to officiate, she still wanted me as photographer.
Photographing a Port Douglas wedding? Yes please!
Photographing a Port Douglas elopement? Heck YES!


The vibe of the whole day was perfect. There was no rush to pick up the parents from the airport, no frantic last minute calls to the bride because the decorations at the church hadn’t arrived. It was just 5 of us, having a slow quiet breakfast, then taking our time to put up a little bit of decor around the house to celebrate the day. Steven and his best man found the time to go for a dip in the ocean while Katharine was having her makeup done. Everything was slow and unhurried. And the firepit at the end of the night rounded it out perfectly.

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Big thanks to the following suppliers who made it happen
Ceremony Venue The Beach House on Oak Beach | Celebrant Karen Fry | Dress Frankie – Made with Love | Catering Magic Mouthfuls Flowers Floral Edge

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