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Three from the Lubitel

These were my best three shots from the first roll off my shiny new-old Lubitel. Its not much to see compositionally but the tones and dynamic range of this particular film is just fantastic. And all this from a ‘toy’ camera!

travel Photography - Amsterdam

The ol’ vignette from a wide-open Lomo lens…just love it.

travel Photography - Amsterdam

This was a ‘mistake’ but sometimes mistakes can turn out to be great too. I was still getting used to the manual system and forgot to wind to the next frame.

travel Photography - AmsterdamMy final shot in Amsterdam. I’m already in love with this camera…and the film! I’ll never be able to get this in a digital, and even if I do it’ll take forever in photoshop to get it looking right.

I just might start using this together with my D700 for weddings…what do you reckon?

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  • 16/06/2011 - 6:52 am

    Elle Bustin - It looks great Jimz.. I bought a whole set of Diana F+ but haven’t been playing with it so much.. One thing draws me back is where do u get them developed?? Coz I bought the lomo film and They didn’t seem to develop right if u don’t send them to a special lab.. I don’t know if that will be a prob when u use it for professional business since there is no way back.. but if you develop it yourself thats another story.. But still.. Keep playing with it and keep us posted.. ;) love your pic more and more…ReplyCancel

    • 18/06/2011 - 1:43 am

      admin - Hi Elle, yeah you have to bring it to a professional lab to get it developed. But the Diana F has always been a ‘toy’ camera. Double exposures, light leaks, half-frames, all these are what makes a Diana F so special. You won’t get a ‘correct’ photo in the traditional sense with the Diana. Google professional photo labs in your city and you should be able to find one that develops 120 film.ReplyCancel

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