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We're Jimmy + Shona, husband + wife, and we are iZO Photography, wedding photographers in Perth, Western Australia. We're keen travelers and adventurers, and always up anything exciting, whether it's a trip to some new country or to sample the intriguing local cuisine.

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I'm Jimmy and I've been photographing weddings since 2009. Before that, Shona worked as a studio manager for other photographers, and later joined me to start this business. We've put our heart and soul into photography, because we believe photos are our memories made tangible.

Our couples often describe our style as creative, emotive, and unobtrusive.
We believe a wedding should be about you, so make it as uniquely you as you want it to be.
We feel a wedding is a great opportunity to host a massive party, so don't hold back; get up and dance!
We also believe everyone should have the right to get married regardless of their gender or orientation.

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